Treatment Outcomes

Unplugging From The Autonomic Nervous System

There’s a technique called: Still Point – in which the system can re-boot itself by simply unplugging from the autonomic nervous system which we refer to as: ‘fight/flight’.   A trained craniosacral therapist can use Still Point throughout the body to assist the client’s body balance into homeostasis.   There will be a decrease in adrenaline, cortisone, inflammatory cells, improved circulation and a coming back to a more confident relaxed sense of self.  Unfinished experiences and injuries from the past have an opportunity to come to the surface and do more healing.

Past events when reviewed in a more reflective loving way are revisited with a patient client dialogue in which an open and more forgiving perspective allows the body to let go of what it needs.  All of us have suppressed feelings, shadow energy and unhealed trauma that could not be processed because of the nature of our protective nervous system.  Once the energy is released the you will have a freer more positive perspective on life, open to new growth and opportunities.

The process of moving from chronic debilitation, weakness or general discomfort and ill health towards a renewal of your body’s vitality takes approximately 6 sessions.
As various compressions are freed up circulation improves and your body naturally starts to access deeper layer that couldn’t be accessed previously.